The Dantec Dynamics Validation Tool

This is an extension for the Finite Element software Ansys which was developed by UZWR for and together with Dantec Dynamics in Ulm, Germany.  Dantec Dynamics produces and sells high sophisticated optical measurement equipment e.g. for strain and vibration experiments.  This Ansys Customization Extension helps the users of Dantec Dynamics systems to easily import their measured 3D displacement data (hdf5 format) into the widely-used simulation package Ansys Workbench. Thanks to Dantec Dynamics, the tool is free!

Learn more from your experiments

The measured data after imported into Ansys can be mapped and displayed on the clean CAD geometries of the objects.  This offers the subsequent evaluation of the data in terms of stress and strain components. 

Easy validation of your FE simulations

In addition the measured data can be directly compared to simulated results produced from a corresponding Finite Element model which can be set up easily in the same Ansys Workbench project.  The differences between measured and calculated displacement data in all 3 directions can be displayed and evaluated using this extension. 


Download and run the installation executable.  It will analyse your system and install the tool for the latest Ansys Workbench implementation on your system.  The tool, ones installed, will add a new pull down menu "Dantec Dynamics" and a new toolbar to your Ansys Workbench GUI containing all necessary tools as well as a step-by-step online help and user's guide.


Version 1.4.2

Update to newer Versions of Ansys (19.2 to 2023_R1).

Version 1.4.1

Update to newer Versions of Ansys (19.2 to 2021_R2).  One visible difference is, that the comparing results (differences between simulation and measurement) are not longer displayed in the extra CFD block "Results", but is being integrated in the static structural blocks "Measure" and "FEA".

Version 1.3.2

Update to newer Versions of Ansys (15.0 to 19.1) The plugin now shows a preview of the numbers which are extracted from a .hdf5 file and later saved in a .txt file during the process.

Version 1.3.1

Fixed a bug in the installer which caused a faulty behavior of the plugin.

Version 1.1.1

First version released in 2015.



Version 1.4.2
(for ANSYS up to 2023_R2, 315 MB)
Version 1.4.1
(for ANSYS 19.2 to 2021_R2, 314 MB)
Version 1.3.2
(for ANSYS 15.0 up to 19.1, 305 MB)