Industry 4.0: DBIS Continues its Collaboration with Uhlmann Pac-Systems

Ulm University

The Institute of Databases and Information Systems (DBIS) continues its research collaboration with the market leader in pharmaceutical packaging machines, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, and gives Uhlmann further support on its way to the digital future. The ongoing collaboration started three years ago and has been extended by another year in which Uhlmann will fund a full PhD position.

In January 2019, with Kaluna, Uhlmann introduced a sophisticated software solution to the market, which provides process-centric support to service workers using data glasses. The fundamental research for this innovative approach for the support of machine maintenance and service processes and a first proof-of-concept prototype were deliverd by DBIS. Further details can be found in a press article as well as an Uhlmann press release.