Manfred Reichert Receives Cooperation Price Science-Economy 2020

Ulm University

For his long-term collaboration with the company Uhlmann Pac-Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, Professor Manfred Reichert, director of the Institute for Databases and Information Systems (DBIS), received the Cooperation Price Science-Economy 2020 endowed with 4000 EUR from Ulm University.  The certificate was handed over by Michael Weber, president of Ulm University, on the occasion of the first digital Dies academicus in history of the university.

The awarded project, in which DBIS computer scientists collaborated with Uhlmann experts on pharmaceutical packaging machines, has focused on the digitization of the working processes needed for operating, configuring and maintaining these machines. Through the intelligent collection, analysis and use of machine sensor data, new Industry 4.0 services for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance are developed. Moreover, the process-driven human machine interactions are supported by the use of data glasses, augmented reality and process management technology.

Background: Ulm University concluded its virtual winter term in March 2021 with the first digital edition of its Dies academicus. In the online cermonial hall, seven prices were awarded, including two cooperation prices science-economy for Professor Manfred Reichert and Professor Christian Bolenz respectively. The first broadcast of the virtual Dies academicus took place at 5 March 2021. The ceremony was moderated by Dana Hoffmann, who is well-known from the poetry and science slams in the Ulm Roxy culture centre.

A video showing the award ceremony for the two Cooperation Prices Science-Economy 2020 can be found on Ulm University’s youtube channel.

During the award ceremony Prof. Reichert emphasized the need for an active knowledge transfer from science to economy.
Cooperation Price Certifacte
One oft the two Cooperation Prices Science-Economy 2020 was awarded to Prof. Manfred Reichert (left), Director of the Institute of Databases and Information Systems, by the president of Ulm University, Prof. Michael Weber.