Exciting Entrepreneurial Perspectives in Patent Research

Ulm University

With SEEBASE, another EXIST project hosted by DBIS, which was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) with 92,500 euros from 1 January to 31 December 2020, has led to a successful spin-off.

predori GmbH, which emerged from the EXIST project, enables high-quality patent searches to be carried out quickly and efficiently based on artificial intelligence methods. With the innovative reason-of-match technology, which offers an optimal display of hits of a patent search for relevance assessment, it becomes possible to assess at first glance why a search process delivers a certain document as a result. In general, various patent issues can be addressed in a targeted manner through the efficient access to patent knowledge and, thus, enterprise innovation processes can be designed quickly and with protection law security.

"We made good use of the time during the EXIST funding and were able to significantly develop our project in all crucial areas," says Konstantin Schmitz, who founded predori together with his partner Stefan Brehm. "I find it enriching for a university professor to be allowed to accompany technology and knowledge-based start-ups like predori and, thus, to actively support technology transfer," emphasizes Prof. Manfred Reichert, mentor of the two founders, who has accompanied several successful EXIST projects in recent years, from which companies such as casavi and DAY4solutions have emerged.

Prof. Reichert and DBIS wish the two founders and their company all the best for a successful entrepreneurial future.

Background. The EXIST Business Start-up Grant supports students, graduates and scientists from universities and research institutes who want to turn their business idea into a business plan. The start-up projects should be innovative technology or knowledge based projects with significant unique features and good commercial prospects of success.

Founders of predori GmbH: Stefan Brehm and Konstantin Schmitz