Lecture Series on Data Science

Ulm University

In the winter term 2019/20, Prof. Dr. Manfred Reichert hold a lecture series on Big Data und Data Science in Ulm. At the invitation of the Board of Ulm University, in his presentation "Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science" on 4 December 2019, he gave an introduction into data science as well as an overview of ongoing data science activities the university council.  In the lecture series "Algorithms - Our Future?", which had been organized by the Humboldt-Studienzentrum, his lecture "Algorithms in Data Science" on 4 February 2020 provided exciting insights into the diversity of machine learning algorithms and their applications. On 6 February 2020, at the invititation of the Ulm.digital Initiative, Manfred's presentation on "Data Science in Ulm, around Ulm and in the Rest of the World" followed, which was attended by high-ranking representatives of the regional industry, the city of Ulm and the universities of Ulm.  The lecture series was completed by Manfred's presentation "From Big Data to Data Science: Challenges, Technologies, Applications" at the Nuclear Medicine Clinic of Ulm University at 14 February 2020.