Michael Welt

Michael Welt
Research Associate
Ulm University
Institute of Artificial Intelligence
89071 Ulm
Room: O27 446

Michael Welt

I joined the institute in January 2019, where I am working on theoretical foundations of Hierarchical Planning, in particular for domain modelling support. Between 2012 and 2018 I studied mathematics at Ulm University. During my studies I was mainly interested in Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization.

Further Information

  • Theoretical foundations of Hierarchical Planning
  • Domain modelling support
  • Computational complexity theory
  • Post-optimization of partially ordered plans


  • WiSe 21/22: Lecture "Knowledge-Based Artificial Intelligence"
  • SoSe 21: Lecture "Intelligente Handlungsplanung" (engl. Automated Planning)
  • WiSe 20/21: Lecture "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence"
  • WiSe 19/20: Lecture "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence"
  • Sose 19: Lecture "Introduction to Computer Science"
  • Sose 19 - WiSe 21/22: Pro-Seminar "Artificial Intelligence"


As a student

  • SoSe 18: Tutor for "Elementare Zahlentheorie"
  • SoSe 16: Tutor for "Optimierung/OR 1"
  • WiSe 15/16: Tutor for "Analysis 1"
  • SoSe 14: Tutor for "Analysis 1

I've been the supervisor of the following student's theses:

Bachelor Theses

  • Inferring Effects of Compound Tasks in HTN Planning Domains: Implementation and Evaluation (2020)
  • Enriching Hierarchical Plans by Extracting Summary Information for Abstract Tasks (2020)
  • Algorithms for Identifying and Eliminating Redundant Actions in Partially Ordered Plans (2019)

Master Theses

  • On the Exploitation of Total Order in Partial Order HTN Planning (2021)

Program Committee (PC) member at conferences:

  • AAAI: 2021

Program Committee (PC) member at workshops:

  • HPLAN, i.e., Hierarchical Planning: 2020, 2021