Office Hours

Usually i'm from Monday to Friday from 10:00 - 16:00 in the University. If I don't have an appointment, you can find me in the office O27-3210. Alternatively you can contact me via Email for an individual date.


You can encrypt the Emails to me with the following key.

PGP Key: download

PGP Fingerprint: 5BCE 3A1D 66E8 B037 8C38 5AC0 0DB0 3DF4 9A0E 6B46

Michael Wolf


My interests vary in many fields of the informatics, like software development, IT security, privacy, artificial intelligence, ...

Currently i'm focusing on Security for Connected Autonomous Cars.



Coordination of the seminars:

Supervising the practical sessions of IT-Secutity

Supervision of thesis, projects and seminars

If you have an idea for a thesis, project or seminar which matches my interests, you can contact me anytime for supervision.