Seminar in English on Mathematics of Games and ist Complexity, by Dr. Lucia Draque Penso.

In this seminar, participants are expected to present results from conference articles on game theory, distributed algorithms, and its complexity. Some possible themes are on:

- Congestion Games: Optimization in Competition - Here several players aim at allocating sets of resources simultaneously in a network for a minimum congestion cost, for instance, allocating a shortest path between a source/destination pair. Which is the complexity of Nash Equilibria?

- Byzantine Agreement: Optimization in Cooperation  - Here players, possibly deviating maliciously or arbitrarily, aim at implementing Equilibria using Cheap Talk (that is, direct talk between players) as a means of communication, instead of a Trusted Mediator. Which are the bounds for tolerance on player's and coalitions' deviations in Nash Equilibria?

- Considerate Equilibria under Misbehavior - Here players act in a determined fashion, for instance, in a considerate way, when facing deviation by coalitions bringing damage in a social network. What are the implications in the Nash Equilibria?

- Contribution Games in Networks - Here players aim at distributing effort to different colloborative projects or relationships. Depending on the reward function, how can (pairwise) Equilibria be achieved? 

Registration per Email (lucia.penso(at) Maximum Number of Participants: 10.