Course Description: In this class we will cover miscellaneous efficient algorithms which play an important role in network environments, together with associated upper and lower bounds as well as impossibility results and hardness proofs. Among other classical optimization graph problems, we will be interested in propagation parameters and properties which depend on several factors, such as the underlying netwok graph structure, but also on its diffusion characteristics, on the presence or absence of interference by others, and on the starting points.

For instance, if a company wants to spread a rumour on a new product, it might want to select few key influential individuals to initiate a viral marketing on some popular social internet or smartphone framework which would spread very fast positive remarks to a crowd of potential consumers, while a food truck might want to stand in the middle of an avenue to be in average more easily reachable during lunchtime. Another example lies with voting, which may suffer influence by the local neighborhood as well as by the order votes get revealed. Last, wireless communication is prone to network interference and requires extra care for correct handling.

Responsible: Dr. Lucia Draque Penso

Assistants: M.Sc. Elke Fuchs and M.Sc. Michael Gentner

Course Type:  MATH, 9LP, 4 Hours Course, 2 Hour Exercises (4+2)

Meant for: Master Math/Wima/Finance/CSE/MaBi

Course Place and Time: on Mondays 2pm-4pm at HH18 room 220 and on Thursdays 12-14pm at HH18 room 120

On Wednesday, the 19th October, there will be a class instead of an exercise class.

Exercises Place and Time: on Wednesdays 10am-12pm at N24 room 131

Exam Type: Open oral exam with no pre-requirement.

Material and Literature: in Moodle.