Simon Jäger

Universität Ulm
Institut für Optimierung und Operations Research
Helmholtzstraße 18
89081 Ulm

Office: 1.47

Phone: 0731/50-23637



  • with M. Fürst, M. Gentner, M.A. Henning, D. Rautenbach, Equating k Maximum Degrees in Graphs without Short Cycles, arXiv.
  • with M. Gentner, I. Heinrich, D. Rautenbach, Large Values of the Clustering Coefficient, arXiv.
  • with D. Rautenbach, Exponential Independence, arXiv.
  • with M.A. Henning, D. Rautenbach, Hereditary Equality of Domination and Exponential Domination, arXiv.
  • with M.A. Henning, D. Rautenbach, Relating Domination, Exponential Domination, and Porous Exponential Domination, arXiv.