Integrated Quantum Science and Technology

This figure reminds us of past achievements of the PIs of IQST but also conveys our vision. Starting from the top right and proceeding in the clockwise direction the combination of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond with integrated circuits symbolizes the research area Quantum Electrical and Optical Engineering. The interaction of dipolar Rydberg atoms in a thin glass cell with light is one example of a Light-Matter Interface. The challenge of using an array of spins in a diamond surface as a sensor for the magnetic fields in a protein or of cell structures summarizes one topic of Complex Quantum Systems. The research area Tailored Quantum States of Matter is represented by the interface between a ferromagnetic and a superconducting metal oxide where polarized x-ray spectroscopy reveals the unusual reconstruction of the orbital occupation. The picture at the center shows the interference fringes of a Wigner function and represents the Foundations of Quantum Science.