16th Ulm-Augsburg Meeting

at Ulm University
April 24, 2017
Oberer Eselsberg, N27 Multimediaraum

8:30Coffee, tea, and Brezeln

8:50W.P. Schleich and P. Hänggi
9:00A. Geisler (Augsburg)
Self-polarizing microswimmers in active density waves
9:45L. Happ (Ulm)
New condition for quantum non-Gaussianity
10:30L. Magazzu (Augsburg)
Driven quantum systems: escape dynamics, memory effects, and Floquet theory
11:15M. Zimmermann (Ulm)
T³-interferometer for atoms

13:00P. Talkner (Augsburg)
Open system trajectories specify fluctuating work but not heat
13:45Ch. Tempel (Ulm)
On the role of quantiles in quantum mechanics
14:30P. Hänggi and W.P. Schleich