Research Topics


Fundamental quantum optics

Experiments towards fundamental test of quantum mechanics predictions, transition of classical to quantum, decoherence, complex quantum systems


Quantum technologies

Hybrid solid state quantum registers based on photons and solid-state spin systems for quantum computing, simulation, sensing and communication applications.


Quantum materials

Synthesis of ultrapure tailored diamond and generation of spin qubits in diamond


Novel methods in magnetic resonance

Ultrasensitive nuclear and electron spin resonance for application in biosciences, medical and battery research


Optimal control of complex quantum systems

Coherent control of the complex quantum system in complex environment



Institute Director
Prof. Dr. Fedor Jelezko
tel: + 49 / 731 / 50-23750
fax: + 49 / 731 / 50-23752
University Ost, Meyerhofstraße M26 (ZQB)  Room 4205/06

Dr. Maria Heuschmid
tel: + 49 / 731 / 50-23751
fax: + 49 / 731 / 50-23752
University Ost, Meyerhofstraße M26 (ZQB) Room 4204

Ulm University
Institute for Quantum Optics
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
D-89081 Ulm


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