DIAmond Devices Enabled Metrology and Sensing

The DIADEMS project aims to exploiting the unique physical properties of NV color centres in ultrpure single-crystal CVD-grown diamond to develop innovative devices with unprecedented performances for ICT applications. By exploiting the atom-like structure of the NV that exhibits spin dependent optical transitions, DIADEMS will make optics-based magnetometry possible.

The objectives of DIADEMS are to develop

  • Wide field magnetic imagers with 1 nT sensitives
  • Scanning probe magnetometer with sensitivity 10 nT and spatial resolution 10 nm
  • Sensor heads with resolution 1 pT

To reach such performances, DIADEMS will:

  • Use new theoretical protocols for sensing
  • Develop ultrahigh purity diamond material with controlled single nitrogen implantation with a prcision better than 5 nm
  • Process scanning probe tips with diametre in the 20 nm range
    Transfer them to AFM cantilever, improve the emission properties of NV by coupling them with photonic cavities and photonic  waveguides

DIADEMS outputs will demonstrate new ICT functionalities that will boost applications with high impact on society:

  • Calibration and optimization of write/read magnetic heads for future high capacity (3 Tbit per square inch) storage disk required for   intense computing
  • Imaging of electron-spin in graphene and carbon nanotubes for next generation of electronic components based on spintronics
  • Non-invasive investigation of living neuronal networks to understand brain function
  • Demonstration of magnetic resonance imaging of single spins allowing single protein imaging for medical research

DIADEMS aims at integrating the efforts of the European Community on NV centres to push further the limits of this promising technology and to keep Europe´s prominent position.

Official DIADEMS website