Quantum Sensing


The aim of the experiment is to do Magnetometry with NV centers via laser written waveguides in diamond.  

Nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond are a promising candidate for magnetic field sesning due to their long coherence time, optical accessibility of the spin states and ambient operating conditions. 

In our setup we integrate the NV centers with laser written waveguides for an efficient optical readout of NVs. Furhturmore the sensing task can be operated via the waveguide without direct light illumination through the sample, which is important for magnetometry in biological systems that are sensitive to light. 



Tasks on the Experiment

Optical alignment and control of the experiment 

Testing new pulse sequences to control color centers 

Improvement of waveguide coupling for Photoluminescent readout  

Execution of ODMR measurements and analyses of the magnetic field response of NVs 

Open Positions

We are currently looking for PhD students to join our international team to set up and improve experiments to study color centers in sensing applications. We are also looking for bachelor and master students to support us in this work. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Professor Kubanek.


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M. Hoese, M. K. Koch, V. Bharadway, J. Lang, J. P. Hadden, R. Yoshizaki, A. N. Giakoumaki, R. Ramponi, F. Jelezko, S. M. Eaton, and A. Kubanek. Integrated Magnetometry Platform with Stackable Waveguide-Assisted Detection Channels for Sensing Arrays. Physical Review Applied 15, 054059 (2021)