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We are always looking for motivated PostDocs, PhD students and Master/Bachelor students. You can find more information here.

Head of the group Hybrid Quantum Systems


Student Staff

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Michael Höse PhD Student Quantum Computing Initiative DLR
Simon Haug Master's Student Industry
Andreas Dietrich PhD Student Industry
Konstantin Fehler PhD Student Industry
Andrea Filipovski PhD Student Industry
Stefan Häußler PhD Student Industry
Markus Bürk Master's Student Industry
Riccardo Cipolletti Master's Student PhD Student Mainz University Budker Group
Max Deissböck Master's Student Industry
Meng Ge Master's Student PhD Student WSI/TUM Finley Group
Felix Glöckler Master's Student PhD Student ILM Ulm
Lukas Hartung Master's Student PhD Student MPQ Rempe Group
Clemens Raiber Master's Student Industry
Simon Rupp Master's Student PhD Student Ulm University Hecker-Denschlag Group
Jan Schimmel Master's Student Industry
Elena Steiger Master's Student Industry
Olaf Zimmermann Master's Student PhD Student ICFO Budker Group
Rebecca Bernsdorff Bachelor's Student  
Felix Breuning Bachelor's Student  
Florian Höhe Bachelor's Student  
Sunny Laddha Bachelor's Student