Low Temperature Spectroscopy


Coherent control of quantum emitter is the key for building quantum networks. We study new physics based on a quantum emitter, which is trapped between two layers of 2-dimensional hexagonal Boron Nitride host. We look at the processes leading to decoherence in the system.

Quantum Emitters in hBN

In the past few years, a new atom-like system has emerged, namely, defect centers in hexagonal boron nitrite (hBN). Emitter shows extraordinary brightness and spin properties. A very unique and remarkable feature is the persistence of Fourier Transform Limited lines up to room temperature.

Resonant Driving and Coherent Control

In order to unravel the mechanisms playing role in the decoherence in the quantum system, we resonantly excite the system and study temperature dependent spectral diffusion, blinking and dephasings in the system.

Tasks on the Experiment

  • Optical alignment to optimally excite and collect signal from the emitter.
  • Material processing and optical characterization of various quantum emitters in hBN flakes.
  • Setting up pulse schemes with Electro-Optics Modulator (EOM) and Acouto-Optic Modulator (AOM)
  • Setting up correlation measurement for photon statistics study


We are currently looking for PhD students to join our international team to set up and improve experiments to study color centers in different materials for quantum applications. We are also looking for bachelor and master students to support us in this work. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Professor Kubanek.


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