Quantum Photonics


In this experiment, integrated photonic structures are functionalized with quantum systems. For example, the silicon vacancy center in diamond serves as a quantum system. To combine these with the photonic structures, crystals in the order of optical light wavelengths are required (nanodiamonds), which can be transferred to the photonic structure with the aid of an atomic force microscope (AFM) and nanomanipulation.


Atomic Force Microscope based Pick- and Place- Technique

Using an atomic force microscope (AFM), we transfer nanodiamonds to our photonic structures. In this process, the nanodiamond is picked up with the tip of the atomic force microscope using a pick-and-place technique and transferred to the photonic structure where it is deterministically placed.schen Struktur transferiert und dort deterministisch platziert.

Tasks on the Experiment

  • Performing optical measurements, coupling verification and quantification
  • Further development of AFM techniques
  • Automation using Python


We are currently looking for bachelor and master students who are interested in a variety of experiments with different experimental setups. The experiment is used and supervised by PhD students. Here, too, we are looking for reinforcement. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Professor Kubanek.


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