Quantum Control


The aim of the experiment is to exploit and control the quantum mechanical properties of color centers in diamonds. In a quantum network, the electron spin of e.g. a silicon defect center can be used to store incoming information locally.

Color Centers in Nanodiamonds

Color centers are created by foreign atoms within the crystal structure of a diamond. Due to the resulting discrete energy levels, which can be excited and read out in a controlled manner, the color center can be considered as an "artificial" atom.

Quantum Control of Color Centers

The energy levels of the color centers can be excited optically in the range of the visible spectrum. The interaction between individual spin states is resonant in the range of microwaves and can be manipulated by them. Cryogenic conditions are required for this.

Tasks on the Experiment

  • Optical alignment and control of the experiment
  • Design and improvement of microwave structures
  • Testing of new pulse sequences to control the color centers
  • Programming to control the system
  • Extension of the measurement capabilities of the experiment


We are currently looking for PhD students to join our international team to set up and improve experiments to study color centers in different materials for quantum communication, metrology or information processing. We are also looking for bachelor and master students to support us in this effort. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Professor Kubanek.


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