Bachelor and Master thesis

Contact: Professor Fedor Jelezko,

Diamond quantum sensing and imaging

The laws of quantum physics can be employed for measuring external perturbations like magnetic fields with unprecedented sensitivity and spectral resolution. This project develops quantum sensors based on single spins in diamond. The applications of such quantum coherent sensors are found in the measurements of minute magnetic fields, which can be used to perform nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) at nanometer-scale experiments. Alternatively, one can use a controlled and cooled quantum system to transfer spin momentum to other nuclear spins in order to create a hyperpolarized sample of nuclear spins for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).  .  

Research will be conducted in collaboration with industrial partners: Bosch (diamond quantum sensors), Bruker and NVision (new tools for ultrasensitive NMR) and Bosch (diamond magnetometers).

Optimal coherent control for sensing with diamond spin qubits

We offer master and bachelor thesis projects devoted to the developments and applications of optimal coherent control of color centers for quantum enhanced-sensing protocols. The projects will utilize and adapt a variety of robust and optimized control methods such as those derived from dynamical decoupling and optimal control pulse theories.

This project will be conducted in collaboration with industrial partner (NVision GmbH)

Solid state quantum information and quantum simulation

Quantum information processing and quantum simulation is an attractive and multidisciplinary field, which has became a focus for experimental and theoretical research for the last two decades. Among other systems, such as ions in traps and superconducting circuits, diamond spin qubits are considered to be promising candidates for first experimental tests of quantum hardware. This project aims to explore long coherence time of electron and nuclear spins in diamond for the realization of NV center based quantum processors.  

Particular master and bachelor project topics are related to material science (implantation of NV centers) and a realization of high fidelity quantum gates using optimal control.

Light matter quantum interface

Efficient coupling between single photon and single atoms is crucial element for quantum communication technologies. This project aims to realize such interface using single color centers in diamonds.

Particular topics of bachelor and master projects are related to realization of microscope operating at mK temperatures, fabrication of integrated diamond resonators and low temperature spectroscopy of single color centers

Diamond material science

Diamond is a unique material for quantum application owing to its lattice nuclear spin free atoms and wide band gap hosting many colour centres. We offer master projects aiming to tailor properties of diamonds lattice by highly controlled CVD growth. This includes ability to engineer isotopic composition (incorporating layers of c13 nuclear spins in c12 enriched materials). Another topic related to material research is focused on the synthesis and characterization of nanodiamond carrying colour centres.

Quantum-enhanced chemical analysis on a chip

Quantum sensors will in future allow for unprecedented insights into the 3D structure and chemical composition of the smallest specimens down to the atomic level. Within this Master project, we will investigate the possibility to build all-solid-state diamond chips that create hyperpolarization in close vicinity to our established quantum sensors. The resulting signal boost is an important prerequisite to sense signals that are not resolvable with state-of-the art methods. Task may include nano-fabrication, advanced quantum sensing sequences, python programming, quantum simulations.