Instrument development

Current research:

We develop a reflected light sheet microscope for convenient imaging of single florescent proteins in living zebrafish embryos.

We develop a high sensitivity single molecule force spectroscopy instrument to study the mechano-kinetic properties of biomolecules and their interactions.

Published projects:

→ Reflected light sheet microscopy

Imaging single fluorescent proteins in living mammalian cells is challenged by out-of-focus fluorescence excitation. To reduce out-of-focus fluorescence we developed reflected light-sheet microscopy (RLSM), a fluorescence microscopy method allowing selective plane illumination throughout the nuclei of living mammalian cells. A thin light sheet parallel to the imaging plane and close to the sample surface is generated by reflecting an elliptical laser beam incident from the top by 90° with a small mirror. The thin light sheet allows for an increased signal-to-background ratio superior to that in previous illumination schemes and enables imaging of single fluorescent proteins with up to 100-HZ time resolution.
doi: 10.1038/nmeth.2411