Lecture Summer Term 2018

Financial Mathematics II


Robert Stelzer

Class Teacher:

Bennet Ströh

  • Master Mathematik (optional)
  • Master Wirtschaftsmathematik (optional)
  • Master of Finance-Major Financial Mathematics (obligatory)
  • Master of Finance-Major Financial Economics (optional)
  • Master of Finance-Major Actuarial Science (optional)
Time and Venue:
  • Lecture: Wednesday 8:30-10:00 in He 18 room 1.20 and Friday 12:15-14:00 in He 18 room 1.20 
  • Exercises: Thursday 10:15-12:00 in He 18 room 1.20 
  • Tutorial  for MSc Finance students Monday 12:15-14:00 He 22 room E.04 


  • Tentative date of the first lecture: 01.06.2018
  • Tentative date of the first exercise discussion: 13.06.2018

The course will be taught in the second half of the summer term 2018. It is a (2+1)-course and there will be 4 hours of lecture and 2 hours of exercise every week.

Financial mathematics I, Stochastic Analysis

  • Girsanov change of measure, martingale representation;
  • Continuous-time financial market models: Valuation and

    hedging of derivatives in complete and incomplete financial

    markets, stochastic volatility;

  • Interest rate models: Term structure modeling, interest

    rate derivatives, LIBOR market models; (elective)

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You can also find the literature in the Semesterapparat.
Schedule:4h lectures + 2h exercises blocked in 2nd half of the term

Lecture notes and Exercises:

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