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Alexander Verl, Armin Lechler, Stefan Wesner, Andreas Kirstädter, Jan Schlechtental, Lutz Schubert, und Sebastian Meier
An Approach for a Cloud-based Machine Tool Control

Procedia CIRP 7 (2013) 682-687


Micha vor dem Berge, Georges Da Costa, Andreas Kopecki, Ariel Oleksiak, Jean-Marc Pierson, Tomasz Piontek, Eugen Volk, und Stefan Wesner
Modeling and Simulation of Data Center Energy-Efficiency in CoolEmAll
Energy Efficient Data Centers (2912) 25-36

Ana Juan Ferrer, Francisco Hernández, Johan Tordsson et al.
OPTIMIS: A holistic approach to cloud service provisioning

Future Generation Computer Systems 28.1 (2012) 66-77

Eugen Volk, Jochen Buchholz, Stefan Wesner et al.
Towards Intelligent Management of Very Large Computing Systems

Competence in High Performance Computing 2010 (2012) 191-204 


Matthias Assel, Lutz Schubert, Daniel Rubio Bonilla, und Stefan Wesner
Beyond Clouds - Towards Real Utility Computing,
Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience 12.2 (2011) 179-191
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Roland Kübert, Stefan Wesner
Using Service Level Agreements in a High Performance Computing Environment
Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience 12.2 (2011) 164-177
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Jürgen Jähnert, Patrick Mandic, Antonio Cuevas, Stefan Wesner, Jose I. Moreno, Victor Villagra, Vicente Olmedo, und Burkhard Stiller
A prototype and demonstrator of Akogrimo’s architecture: An approach of merging grids, SOA, and the mobile Internet

Computer Communications 33.11 (2010) 1304-1317


Matthias Assel, Stefan Wesner, Alexander Kipp
A security framework for dynamic collaborative working environments
Identity in the Information Society 2.2 (2009) 171-187

Lutz Schubert, Alexander Kipp, Bastian Koller, und Stefan Wesner
Service-oriented operating systems: future workspaces
IEEE Wireless Communications 16.3 (2009) 42-50


Martin Waldburger, Christian Morariu, Peter Racz, Jürgen Jähnert, Stefan Wesner, und Burkhard Stiller
Grids in a Mobile World: Akogrimo’s Network and Business View
Praxis der Informationsverarbeitung und Kommunikation (PIK) 30.1 (2007) 32-43


Stefan Wesner, Lutz Schubert, Theo Dimitrakos
Dynamic Virtual Organizations in engineering
Computational Science and High Performance Computing II (2006) 289-302


Stefan Wesner
Towards an Architecture for the Mobile Grid (Architektur für ein Mobiles Grid)
it - Information Technology 47.6 (2005) 336-342



Theo Dimitrakos, Josep Martrag, Stefan Wesner
Service Oriented Infrastructures and Cloud Service Platforms for the Enterprise
A selection of common capabilities validated in real-life business trials by the BEinGRID consortium
ISBN: 978-3-642-04085-6 (Print) 978-3-642-04086-3 (Online)



Bücher (Abschnitt)

Lutz Schubert, Matthias Assel, Alexander Kipp, Stefan Wesner
Resource Cloud Mashups

Cloud Computing: Principles and Paradigms (2011)

Stefan Wesner, Antonio Sanchez-Esguevillas, Victor Villagra et al.
Context-Aware Mobile Grids
Enabling Context-Aware Web Services (2010) 273-299

Lutz Schubert, Alexander Kipp, Stefan Wesner
Above the Clouds: From Grids to Service- oriented Operating Systems
Towards the Future Internet - A European Research Perspectiv (2009) 238-249

Stefan Wesner, Sabine Roller, Harald Klimach
Challenges and Opportunities of Hybrid Computing Systems
High Performance Computing on Vector Systems (2009) 31-39