Meldung aus dem Institut für Psychologie und Pädagogik

Allgemeine Psychologie: Christoph Strauch wins the Best Master’s Thesis Award 2016

Universität Ulm

The best master’s thesis 2016 in the field of Psychology was written in the Department of General Psychology: Christoph Strauch, supervised by Prof. Dr. Anke Huckauf & Dr. Jan Ehlers, wins the award for his excellent thesis “Pupil-Assisted Target Selection by Gaze”.
He developed, implemented and evaluated an interface, in which object selection was realized by pupil size changes. Pupil diameter indicates envisaged objects and appears to be a meaningful source of information for eyes-only interaction,

From left to right: Prof. Dr. Klaus Melchers (faculty vice dean), Prof. Dr. Anke Huckauf (supervisor), Christoph Strauch, Prof. Dr. Martin Baumann (study dean).