Meldung aus dem Institut für Psychologie und Pädagogik

Feedforward and feedback learning in human sensorimotor control

Universität Ulm

This semester a new colloquium series started at the border between informatics and psychology which is also part of the Cognitive Systems Master.
We have a very nice line up of invited speakers and you are more than welcome to join.

The new interdisciplinary colloquium will always take place Thursdays starting 17:15 in the teaching block psychology Uni West, Room 47.0.501.  

The first talk on next Thursday, 19.10.2017, is given by:
Prof. Dr. David Franklin, TU Munich   
"Feedforward and feedback learning in human sensorimotor control".

The human sensorimotor control system has exceptional abilities to perform skilful action despite ever changing conditions. I will discuss how this adaptability can result through intrinsic feedback mechanisms in two di erent ways: sensory feedback driving feedforward adaptation; and feedforward adaptation in turn adapting the feedback responses and tuning them to the environment.
In the first part of my talk I will examine how prior sensorimotor cues can be used to learn independent motor memories. These results suggests that motor memories are encoded not simply as a mapping from current state to motor command but are encoded in terms of the recent history of sensorimotor states. However learning can also be used to adjust intrinsic feedback control.
The second half of my talk will focus on a few recent studies examining feedback responses; demonstrating both how they are modulated for control and using them to probe the underlying mechanisms of visually guided reaching.

Further details regarding the lecture can be found here.

For further information regarding the new colloquium, as well as the upcoming talks please consult the following website