Dominik Stöckle

04/2023- Scholarship awarded by the The State Graduate Support Act for highly qualified early career researchers
10/2022- PhD student at Dept. Social Psychology, Ulm University
2020-2022 M.Sc. Psychology, Ulm University
2017-2020 B.Sc. Psychology, Ulm University




Dominik Stöckle
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

☎  +49-(0)731/50 31165
Π 47.2.273

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  • Barthelmäs, M., Stöckle, D., & Keller, J. (in press). On the social signal function of emotional crying: Broadening the perspective to social interactions in daily life. Emotion
  • Sassenrath, C., Keller, J., Stöckle, D., Kesberg, R., Nielsen, Y. A., & Pfattheicher, S. (in press). I like it because it hurts you: On the association of everyday sadism, sadistic pleasure, and victim blaming. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Research Interests

  • flow experience
  • emotional crying
  • social anxiety
  • empathy & compassion
  • research methods