Seminar on Communication, Information Theory and Distributed Algorithms (SS2011)

In this seminar we will study how to model information and communication in a (financial, social) distributed network where each participant interacts in an independent way while pursuing (local or global) goals. Our focus is on techniques and algorithms which may help understanding some related financial problems such as local and global economical behavior, as well as information spreading, decision taking, self-stabilization and other related population protocols.

  • The seminar will take place in SS2011 and it is aimed at master students of finance.
  • Each participant will present (a part of) either a chapter of a book, a survey or an original research article in 1:30 hours.
  • For registration and topic selection please send  me an email.


Some related literature: 

Some related topics:

  • population protocols
  • leader election
  • self-stabilization algorithms
  • information exchange