Mathematics of Games

ResponsibleDr. Jens Maßberg
AssistantSimon Jäger



Meant for

Bing Xue


Master Ma/WiMa/Finance/Wiwi/CSE

Type MATH, 4 Hours Course, 2 Hour Exercises (4+2)

Place and TimeCourse:
  • Every Monday, 12pm-14pm in Room H14
  • Every Tuesday, 10am-12pm in Room H13
  • Every Thursday, 8am-10am in Room N24 - 226


Game theory is the study of multiperson decision problems. Such problems arise frequently in competitive scenarios where knowledge is distributed, such as in economics.  For instance, oligopolies incorporate multiperson problems: each one must consider what the others will do in order to achieve success in a competitive environment. The same happens in auctions, where several people might be interested in the very same item. How to act in the best of ways when competition is present among participants with conflictive interests? Does cooperation help in such a scenario? In which cases?

In this class, we will cover a handful of models in game theory, including models of static and dynamic information, as well as of complete and incomplete information. We will also study a variety of stable optimal solutions, including: nash equilibrium, subgame-perfect equilibrium, bayesian equilibrium, perfect bayesian equilibrium. 

Several examples are given, such as in the context of oligopolies, auctions, bargaining, tariff and wage competition, cooperative games, finite and infinite repeated games, zero sum games, signaling games, mechanism design, reputation.


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  • The exams are the same for all master fields.
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  • Game Theory, Drew Fudenberg, Jean Tirole, ANE Books (2005) - Main Book 
  • t.b.a.



  • First class is on Monday, the 13th of April.
  • On Thursday, the 16th there will be a class instead of an exercise.
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  • If available, please bring a mobile device (mobile phone, tablet, notebook, ...) to the class which is able to connect to the university's WiFi.