Prof. Dr. Henning Bruhn-Fujimoto

Universität Ulm
Institut für Optimierung und Operations Research
Helmholtzstraße 18
89081 Ulm

Büro: 1.66
Tel: +49  731 5023633
Sekretariat: +49  731 5023631 (Gerda Fromm)
Email: henning.bruhn (at)

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WS 2020

  • Mathematical introduction to machine learning
  • Kombinatorik


Ich betreue laufend Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten in Optimierung, Graphentheorie und verwandten Gebieten. Wenn Sie Interesse an einer Abschlussarbeit haben, schreiben Sie mir eine mail. Hier sind einige Titel von abgeschlossenen Abschlussarbeiten:

  • Algorithmen zur Optimierung eines Aufzugsystems
  • Erdös-Posa Eigenschaften auf abelschen Gruppen
  • Recommender Systems
  • Correlation Clustering in c-abgeschlossenen, reihen-parallelen und außerplanaren Graphen
  • Algorithmen zur Optimierung des Produktionsprozesses eines Unternehmens
  • Optimale Entladung von Containerschiffen mittels Tandem-Spreader-Krane
  • The edge-Erdös-Posa property in long ladders


  • With F. Bock, Case study on scheduling cyclic conveyor belts, preprint 2019, arxiv
  • Even A-cycles have the edge-Erdős-Pósa property, preprint 2019, arxiv
  • With M. Heinlein and F. Joos, The edge-Erdős-Pósa property, preprint 2018, arxiv
  • With M. Heinlein, K4-subdivisions have the edge-Erdős-Pósa property, preprint 2018 arxiv
  • With A. Ulmer, Packing A-Paths of Length Zero Modulo Four, preprint 2018 arxiv
  • With F. Joos and O. Schaudt, Erdős-Pósa property for labelled minors: 2-connected minors, preprint 2018 PDF
  • With O. Schaudt, Fast Algorithms for Delta-Separated Sparsity Projection, preprint 2017 PDF code
  • With D. Rautenbach, Maximal determinants of combinatorial matrices, preprint 2017 PDF
  • With M. Heinlein and F. Joos, Frames, A-paths and the Erdös-Pósa property, SIAM. J. Discrete Math PDF
  • With M. Heinlein and F. Joos, Long cycles have the edge-Erdös-Pósa property, to appear in  Combinatorica PDF
  • With L. Gellert and R. Lang, Chromatic index, treewidth and maximum degree, to appear in Electronic J. Comb. PDF
  • With Y. Benchetrit, h-perfect plane triangulations, preprint 2015 PDF
  • With E. Fuchs, t-perfection in P5-free graphs, to appear in SIAM. J. Discrete Math. PDF
  • With F. Joos, A stronger bound for the strong chromatic index, Comb., Probab. Comput. 27 (2018), 21-43  PDF
  • With L. Gellert and J. Günther, Jacobsthal numbers in generalised Petersen graphs, to appear in J. Graph Theory PDF
  • With F. Joos and O. Schaudt, Long cycles through prescribed vertices have the Erdös-Pósa property, to appear in J. Graph Theory PDF
  • With M. ChopinF. Joos and O. Schaudt, Structural parameterizations for boxicity, to appear in Algorithmica PDF
  • With R. Lang and  M. Stein, List edge-colouring and total colouring in graphs of low treewidth, J. Graph Theory 81 (2016), 272-282 PDF
  • With O. Schaudt, Claw-free t-perfect graphs can be recognised in polynomial time, to appear in SIAM J. Discrete Math. PDF
  • With O. Schaudt, The union-closed sets conjecture almost holds for almost all random bipartite graphs, to appear in Europ. J. Combin.  PDF
  • With P. Charbit, O. Schaudt and J.A. Telle, The graph formulation of the union-closed sets conjecture, Europ. J. Combin 43 (2015), 210-219 PDF
  • Matroid and Tutte-connectivity in infinite graphs, Electronic J. Comb. 21 (2014), #P2.14 PDF
  • With O. Schaudt, The journey of the union-closed sets conjecture, to appear in Graphs and Combinatorics PDF supplement
  • Colouring stability two unit disk graphs, Contributions to Discrete Mathematics 8 (2013) PDF
  • With M. Stein, Minimal bricks have many vertices of small degree, Europ. J. Combin. 36 (2014), 261-269 PDF
  • With R. Diestel, M. Kriesell, R. Pendavingh, and P. Wollan, Axioms for infinite matroids, Advances in Mathematics 239 (2013), 18-46 PDF
  • With P. Wollan, Finite connectivity in infinite matroids, Europ. J. Combin. 33 (2012), 1900-1912 PDF
  • With M. Stein, On claw-free t-perfect graphs, Math. Programming 133 (2012), 461-480 PDF supplement
  • With A. Saito, Clique or hole in claw-free graphs, J. Combin. Theory (Series B) 102 (2012), 1-13 PDF
  • With E. Berger, Eulerian edge sets in locally finite graphs, Combinatorica 31 (2011), 21-38 PDF
  • With R. Diestel, Infinite matroids in graphs, Disc. Math. 311 (2011), 1461-1471 PDF
  • With A. Bonato, R. Diestel, and P. Sprüssel, Twins of rayless graphs, J. Combin. Theory (Series B) 101 (2011), 60-65 PDF
  • With A. Georgakopoulos, Bases and closures under infinite sums, Linear Algebra and its Applications 435 (2011), 2007-2018 PDF
  • With R. Diestel, A. Georgakopoulos and P. Sprüssel, Every rayless graph has an unfriendly partition, Combinatorica 30 (2010), 521-532 PDF
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  • Generating cycles in graphs with at most one end, J. Graph Theory 42 (2003) 342-349 PDF


  • Graphs and their Circuits, Habilitationsschrift (2009) PDF
  • Infinite circuits in locally finite graphs, PhD thesis (2005) PDF
  • Generating the cycle space by induced non-separating cycles in locally finite graphs and in graphs with at most one end, diploma thesis (2001) PDF


I like to draw graphs and other figures. Here are some of my tikz drawings that others might find useful. You may copy, modify and use them in any way you see fit. There is no need to credit me.