Seminar Mathematics of Games

This is a Block-Masterseminar intended for students who either are taking or have taken the class "Mathematics of Games". Bachelor students who take this class in SS16 for future credits are also allowed to take part. Students taking this class in SS16 will be required to have at least 50% points of the first 5 exercise sheets in order to stay in the seminar. Presence is also required in practically all talks, except for a miss of 2 out of 12.

If interested to register, please send an email to Dr. Penso. This Block-Masterseminar has a maximum of 12 participants, to be divided into 2 or 3 days of presentations. There will be a meeting in the first week of class to set topics and dates, and also to take doubts. The seminar is meant to take place in 2 or 3 days of the period involving the second half of June and first half of July.

The themes are expected to be extracts either from the book Algorithmic Game Theory or the class book (as long as not covered in class). Miscellaneous topics are there considered, for instance, regarding auctions, reputation, incentives, mechanism design, market equilibria, graphical games, routing, among others.