Responsible Dr. Lucia Penso

Assistants Maximiliam Fürst und Felix Bock

Meant for Master Ma/WiMa

Type MATH, 9LP, 4 Hours Course, 2 Hour Exercises (4+2)

Class Place and Time Tuesday 8:30am-10am E.04(He22) and Thursday 8:30am-10am E.04(He22)

Exercise Place and Time Thursday 4:15pm-5:45pm E60(He18)

Important Information This open course starts on Tuesday, the 17th April.

Short Description This course covers advanced aspects of graph theory, including structural results as well as algorithmical ones. Variations of well-known problems (such as list coloring and domination)  and reductions are investigated, and more complex issues such as extremal graph theory, random graphs and related bounds are discussed.