Seminar Copulae


Dennis Dobler

If you are interested, please contact:

 Dennis Dobler (per Email)

First meeting with a small introduction and handing out topics:

Tuesday, October 11 at 2 p.m. (s.t.) in lecture room 120 in He18.

Seminar type:

Block seminar.

Dates: 25.11. starting at 2 p.m. (first 3 talks) & 26.11. starting at 9 a.m. (remaining talks)

Location: For 25.11. we will meet in room 1.42 in He22 & for 26.11. we will meet in room E60 in He18.


Generally, each participant gives a talk on a specific copula subject.

For some talks it might be reasonable to prepare a short R script of which you will be asked to hand it in.

Apart from giving a talk, the complete written part of the talk shall be submitted to the lecturer. Handwritten submissions are fine.

Additionally, a small handout, which contains the main results of the talk, shall be prepared for the other students. It suffices to prepare a computer-based file (preferably in LaTeX) and transfer the pdf file, which will then be printed at the institute.

For more information, visit the corresponding moodle homepage - for a registration send me an e-mail for the password.

Target audience:

Bachelor and master studients in "Mathematischen Biometrie", "Wirtschaftsmathematik", "Mathematik" or "Finance".

Number of participants:

At most 15.


Elementare Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung und Statistik, as well as Stochastik I.