Ilai Schwartz

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Email: ilai.schwartz[at]
Tel: +49-731-50-22906
Room O25/406
Institute for Theoretical Physics
Ulm University
Albert-Einstein Allee 11
D-89081 Ulm, Germany

My Research Interests

My main interest is in potential biomedical applications of Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) centers in diamonds. NV centers electrons possess unique spin properties, such as spin polarization / initialization by optical pumping, long coherence (T2) & relaxation (T1) times and optical readout, making them an attractive system for numerous applications. Leveraging strong collaborations both within Ulm University and external, we investigate the possibility of using NV centers for nuclear spin polarization and for sensing.

My selected Publications

General closed-form condition for enhanced transmission in subwavelength metallic gratings in both TE and TM polarizations
I. Schwarz, N. Livneh and R. Rapaport
Optics express 20.1 (2012)

Efficient entanglement-length measurements for photonic-cluster-state sources
I. Schwarz and T. Rudolph
Physical Review A 85.5 (2012): 050306

Resonance-inclined optical nuclear spin polarization of liquids in diamond structures
Q. Chen, I. Schwarz, F. Jelezko, A. Retzker, and M. B. Plenio
Phys. Rev. B 93, 060408(R) (2016)

Optically induced dynamic nuclear spin polarisation in diamond
J. Scheuer, I. Schwarz, Q. Chen, D. Schulze-Sünninghausen, P. Carl, P. Höfer, A. Retzker, H. Sumiya, J. Isoya, B. Luy, M.B. Plenio, B. Naydenov, and F. Jelezko
 New Journal of Physics 18, 013040 (2016)

Symmetry-protected phases for measurement-based quantum computation
D. V. Else, I. Schwarz,  S. D. Bartlett and A. C. Doherty
Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 240505 (2012)

My Publications and preprints on Google Scholar

Most Recent Papers

Enhancing Gravitational Interaction between Quantum Systems by a Massive Mediator, Phys. Rev. Lett. 128, 110401 (2022)

Optimizing quantum codes with an application to the loss channel with partial erasure information, Quantum 6, 667 (2022)

On the Significance of Interferometric Revivals for the Fundamental Description of Gravity, Universe, 8, 58 (2022)

Design Principles for Long-Range Energy Transfer at Room Temperature, Phys. Rev. X 11, 041003



Ulm University
Institute of Theoretical Physics
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
D - 89069 Ulm

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