Conference contributions

Société Francaise d'Ecologie

In October 2016, Dr. v. Wrangell took part in the international conference of the "Société Francaise d'Ecologie" with a poster of our network (Title: The Educational network on Soil and Plant ecology and Management, EduSaPMan, for PDF click here). The poster was presented on Tuesday 25th in the session "Soil ecology, biogeochemistry and plant-soil interactions". He was able to discuss the project with several scientists and interested students not only during this session, but also during the whole conference. The peculiarity of the project and the uniqueness of the <link nawi nawi-edusapman work-packages work-package-1 internal-link internal link in current>Summer Schools generated considerable interest. Dr. v. Wrangell was able to address potential participants for our <link nawi nawi-edusapman activities erasmus-multiplier-event internal-link internal link in current>Multiplier Event “Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership: Results and Experiences in our educational network” in May 2017.

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