Abstand – Annäherung – Berührung

Approach & Distance is a hybrid live performance by the EMU laptop ensemble from Ulm. A performer moves between the stage and the audience and uses two smartphones to generate data streams that are sent both to the ensemble on site and to the fellow performers who are connected via the internet. The signals are transformed into soundscapes and visuals that express the delight of the first encounter, the despair of forced distance and the longing for rapprochement with a second person or another self. The emotionally charged sound of self-made instruments completes the overall acoustic picture of the performance, which can be heard and seen on Saturday evening in the "Heimat" sector.

#soundart #klangkunst #festival #art #performance #installation #experimance

#soundinstallation #experimentalmusic #artist #soundobject

Experimance Festival 2021, Saarbrücken