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Dr. Marvin Schiller

I worked as a postdoctoral researcher for the University of Ulm from October 2012 till November 2018. My main interests are knowledge representation and cognitive modelling. In December 2018, I joined Robert Bosch GmbH.

Further Information

My current research combines automated reasoning in description logics with natural language generation. This way, the reasoning process and the required knowledge to justify why a derivable statement holds can be made transparent to users who are not familiar with the underlying formalisms.

Currently I am a member of the study commission for the program <link in fakultaet studium studiengaenge cognitive-systems>Master of Cognitive Systems. I have been a PC member for the conference KESW (2014,2015,2016). My reviewing activity is currently focused on the following conferences: AAAI (2013, 2015), KI (2013, 2016), IJCAI (2016), IJCAR (2016), ESWC (2017) and the DL workshop (2013,2014,2015).

I supervise students' theses and projects that fit my scientific expertise.

Currently I am developing a software that translates derivations in description logic to natural-language text (in English). The code of the prototype is available on github: