Institute of Economics

Welcome to the institute of economics! Our institute conducts research for a broad range of areas and topics in economics. Most prominently, we focus on empirical research with data analysis and machine learning and on experimental research of human decision making in cooperation with the computer laboratory ULESS. We are furthermore active in theoretical research in the areas of contracts and auctions.

For students, we offer a broard portfolio of courses, ranging from introductory courses for behavioral economics, information economics and competitive strategy to specialized and application-oriented courses such as energy economics or environmental economics. Our portfolio of courses is supplemented with a wide range of seminars in which students work with academic literature of unique fields such as sports economics, analyse EU antitrust proceedings or even compete in a computer tournament. Students looking for a challenge in their bachelor/master thesis can build a bridge between research and academic teaching by creating an interactive problemset based on the programming language R.

Specialize in Economics!

You are a bachelor or master student of Management and Economics and have to pick a specialization? Visit our economics profile pages and discover the diversity and topicality of economics courses at Ulm University, selected state-of-the-art economics research and your chances in the future job market as an economist. We are looking forward to see you in our courses!

You are a student of an interdisciplinary programme such as Mathematics and Management in search of elective courses? Many of our courses are quantitativley oriented and employ mathematical methods such as linear regression or linear optimization. Browse our portfolio of courses and find the course that fits your interests and skills!

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Institute of Economics
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