Dipl.-WiWi. Thomas Roscher



Institute of Economics
Room 1.29
Helmholtzstraße 18
Ulm University
89081 Ulm



Phone: +49 (0)731/ 50 23547

e-mail:   thomas.roscher(at)uni-ulm.de



  • 2005 - 2010: Diplom Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Ulm University


Research interests

  • Behavioral Economics
  • Economics of Crime
  • Banking Regulation

Working Papers

  • Dengler-Roscher, K. and T. Roscher 2016. Do Criminals Behave Rationally? - Evidence from the Franco-German Border. Abstract and download.
  • Roscher, T. 2016: Harsher Leverage Ratio Requirements can keep Banks from Levering Up Leverage Ratio Requirements. Abstract and download.
  • Dengler-Roscher, K. and T. Roscher 2015. Do Thieves React to Prices? - Evidence from Gas Stations. Abstract and download.
  • Dengler-Roscher, K., C. Estner and T. Roscher 2015. Nudging Academics to Didactic Training. Abstract and download.