Current Issues

  • Our first organisatory meeting (topic allocation) will be in room 120 of HeHo 22 and is sheduled on wednesday the 4th February at 6 pm (s.t.).
  • Please register for this seminar via moodle.

Basic Information

In this seminar we will discuss a wide range of topics in banking regulation - both theoretic and empirical ones. Your task will be to investigate and analyse your topic of choice, present your results and discuss it with the class.

This seminar is available for all students of an bachelor course in Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Wirtschaftsmathematik or Wirtschaftsphysik, Wirtschaftschemie. This seminar can be claimed as an elective subject in economics and as part of your specialisation in economics.

Requirements to get credits

In order to successfully complete the seminar, you have to do a presentation including a subsequent discussion. Additionally you have to submit your slides including an appendix.

Literature and Helpful Material

All relevant material (topic list and organisational information) is provided via Moodle. Recommendations for starting literature are sent to you via E-Mail.


Each participant is required to have at least one appointment with us. This appointment has to be at least four weeks prior to the date of the presentation. At this meeting you have to explain us your current concept regarding the chosen competition case. 

Lecturer: (Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kranz)

Teaching Assistants: (Thomas Roscher)

                              (Daniel Blochinger)