Differences summed up

Optimal supervision / no mass study

The manageability of the number of students ensures that the training does not take place in mass operations with overcrowded lecture halls, long waiting times for seminar places or final theses. Tutorials in the basic study period ensure that students are intensively supervised in small groups, especially in the first semesters, and help to better manage the transition from school to university. Overall, there is a personal atmosphere between students and teachers, which guarantees optimal support during the course of study.

Best employment opportunities

Mathematicians and quantitatively oriented economists will continue to enjoy excellent labour market opportunities in the future.
So it's no wonder that the graduates of our faculty have had no problems finding an interesting job quickly in recent years. This is due in particular to the concentration on future-oriented specialisations and the acknowledged high quality of the education.

Unique USA exchange programme

Every year since 1979, we have sent the best quarter of our students to well-known American universities. Within one year they acquire the American Master's degree there and thus, together with the Ulm degree, have two full university degrees, whereby the respective academic achievements are mutually recognised. And this stay is fully financed by the respective universities!

You can get a visual impression of the USA exchange programme here.

Actuarial examinations during studies

In the insurance sector, our students are fully integrated into their studies and can take the entrance examinations of the German Association of Actuaries (Deutsche Aktuar-Vereinigung), which are otherwise taken extra-occupationally for actuaries - an important advantage for their later career entry!

Focus on topics of the future

In research and teaching we concentrate on a few selected fields in which we occupy a leading position: Financial and actuarial mathematics, international accounting and auditing, applied mathematics and mathematical analysis of dynamic systems.

A selection of current topics can be found here.

Large alumni network

We have always taken great care to maintain contacts with our graduates. For example, we have been organising "Home-Coming Days" for many years, at which many graduates visit us again. This is an ideal opportunity for students to establish contacts and create a network for their future professional life.

In addition, graduates supervise current students within the scope of the mentoring programme of Studium & Praxis.

Optimal interdisciplinarity

In our faculty, mathematics and economics are united under one roof. This means that our study programmes are optimally interlinked.

Studies also begin in the summer semester

In the subjects mathematics and business mathematics - so no unnecessary waiting time!

Doctoral programme for outstanding Bachelor students

For particularly good Bachelor's students, the Doctoral Programme of the Faculty of Mathematics and Economics offers the opportunity to be accepted into this special support programme at the beginning of the Master's programme with the aim of gaining a doctorate at a later date.

The programme is aimed at Bachelor's students (from our own faculty as well as from other universities) with far above-average performance in their Bachelor's programme.

Interested parties can obtain information on this at any time from Hajo Zwiesler.