Basic aspects

For students at the University of Ulm the field of actuarial science offers broad specialization possibilities and opens up interesting business perspectives at the same time. In the context of the new Europe-wide supervisory rules there will be created new specialized jobs in the fields of actuarial function, risk management function, compliance function and internal-audit function with particular qualification requirements by the legislator. Due to the offered course specializations, graduates of the University of Ulm are more than well prepared for those highly interesting occupational fields with a promising future.
For this course specialization there does exist a fully developed study concept which coordinates all relevant lectures. You should start specializing in the fourth or fifth semester of your undergraduate studies, preferably with the lectures “Insurance Economics” and “Personenversicherungsmathematik”. The study concept ensures that all introductory lectures are regularly offered. If you are only interested in some basic aspects without intention to deepen your knowledge, you can attend some of the lectures to get an overview of particular basics.

Important information about the planning of your studies

On the following web pages we have compiled important information about the planning of your course specialization in actuarial science. In particular, this includes the according course schedules. The information mainly refers to the following study programs:

Interested students from other study programs can  contact us at any time


Lecture planning

Here you can find an overview of the lectures being held in the following four semesters.