Former members


Name Current Position
Prof. Dr. Marcus Christiansen Professor at Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Zwiesler Retired



Name Current Position
Prof. Dr. Thai Nguyen Assistant Professor at Université Laval, Québec, Canada
Prof. Dr. Peter Hieber Université de Lausanne (UNIL)


PhD Students

Name Thesis Title First Position after PhD or Current Position Graduation Year
Prof. Dr. Jan-Philipp Schmidt Valuation and Risk Analysis of German Private Health Insurance Professor at TH Köln 2013
Dr. Andreas Niemeyer Risk management and regulatory aspects of life insurance companies with a special focus on disability insurance Allianz Leben Stuttgart 2014
Dr. Felix Hentschel Planning for individual retirement Allianz Pension Consult Stuttgart 2016
Dr. Katja Schilling Risk analysis of annuity conversion options with a special focus on decomposing risk Allianz Pension Consult Stuttgart 2017
Dr. Tobias Burkhart Essays on the Quantitative Assessment of Participating Life Insurance Business under Solvency II Senior Actuarial Consultant at IfA Ulm 2018
Dr. Frank Bosserhoff Portfolio Selection, Delta Hedging and Robustness In Brownian And Jump-Diffusion Models Consultant at d-fine Frankfurt 2019
Prof. Dr. Manuel Rach Optimal Design of Private and Occupational Retirement Plans Professor at Universität St. Gallen 2020
Dr. Christian Dehm Stochastic Mortality - Modelling and Optimal Investment Allianz Leben Stuttgart 2020
Dr. Nils Sørensen Utility Maximization in Life and Pension Insurance: A Numerical Approach Risikoanalyst at HDI Group 2021
Dr. Thorsten Sehner Life and long-term care insurance: Valuation and product design Actuary at LV 1871 München 2021
Dr. Jakob Klein Product Design and Risk Assessment in Life Insurance Allianz Leben Stuttgart 2021
Dr. Peter Uetermeier Analyse, Validierung und Prozess der Verdichtung von Lebensversicherungsbeständen Sparkassenversicherung Stuttgart 2021
Dr. Mark Benedikt Schultze Retirement Planning - An Analysis From Views of Clients and Insurance Companies Allianz Leben Stuttgart 2022
Dr. Fangyuan Zhang Risk Management in Finance and Insurance PostDoc at EURECOM University Frankreich 2022