Information for graduate students in Econo-Mathematics (Master)

The course specialization in actuarial science is particularly suitable for master students, because they can flexibly use the broad range of optional modules in all areas. Furthermore, they have the possibility to take DAV exams integrated in their study program. Hence, the specialization can take place in an optimal manner (see below for the course schedule).

The study program is not only designed for students who have finished their undergraduate studies at the University of Ulm, but it is also particularly suitable for students who did their bachelor’s degree at another university and want to start focusing wittingly in actuarial science.

Every semester there is a broad and coordinated spectrum of actuarial lectures in the area of stochastics, financial mathematics, economics and computer science. Students who haven’t attended some of the lectures (e.g. Insurance Economics, Financial Mathematics I or Personenversicherungsmathematik) during their undergraduate studies can attend them during their graduate studies.

Additionally, there are actuarial seminars every semester and an actuarial “WiMa-Praktikum” every summer term (see also current courses).

Due to the diversity of topics related to actuarial science, we offer master theses in various areas, e.g. mathematical problems, statistical questions, special aspects of optimization and topics focusing on computer science as well as on economic questions. The current topics have their origin in our research interests:

  • Asset-Liability-Management
  • Application of models from financial mathematics in insurance science
  • Valuation of insurance products
  • Risk management
  • Stochastic mortality models
  • Occupational pension schemes
  • Analysis of insurance products and insurance markets
  • Data mining

All topics have a high practical relevance and some master theses are carried out in cooperation with companies. Furthermore, we are open to suggestions about the realization of master theses in companies when the topics are suitable. Current topics can be found here.