Theses in actuarial science

Due to the diversity of topics related to actuarial science, we offer theses in various areas, e.g. mathematical problems, statistical questions or topics with a focus on economic questions. In general, the topics can have their origin in the following areas:

  • Asset-Liability-Management
  • Application of models from financial mathematics in insurance science
  • Valuation of insurance products
  • Risk management
  • Occupational pension schemes
  • Analysis of insurance products and insurance markets
  • Behavioural insurance
  • Data mining
  • Optimal investment strategies
  • Optimal design of insurance products

All topics have a high practical relevance and some theses are carried out in cooperation with companies. Furthermore, we are open to suggestions about the realization of theses with suitable topics in companies.

Moreover, we regularly offer topics for bachelor theses. They address undergraduate students who have focused on actuarial science or insurance industry. For this purpose it is necessary to have passed either the exam in “Insurance Economics” or “Personenversicherungsmathematik”. The attendance of a bachelor seminar or a “WiMa-Praktikum” in this field is advantageous, but not compulsory.

If there is interest in writing a bachelor's or master's thesis with us, we are always available for inquiries. However, we ask that you initially send only one inquiry to one member of the institute (and not contact several at the same time and independently of each other).

An Chen

Mitja Stadje

Stefan Schelling

Alexander Kling

Jochen Ruß