Oberseminar Mathematische Biometrie

22.11.2017, 11h30, Raum 2.06, Helmholtzstr. 22

S. Repky: "Comparing Landmarking and Joint Models in an observational study"

19.01.2018, 10h - 12h, N23/2622, Uni Ost

S. Repky: "Joint Models, Landmarking and the Ulm Osteorthritis Study"

J. Feifel: "Investigating Time-Dependent Exposures Using Past Information in Non-Standard Nested Case-Control Designs"

13.03.2018, 9h30 - 16h, Raum E20, Helmholtzstraße 18

Talks for the Biometrical Colloquium 2018

15.03.2018, 9h30 - 11h, Raum E60, Helmholtzstraße 18

J. Feifel: "The Nested Case-Control and the Nested Exposure Case-Control Designs"

23.03.2018, 14h - 16h, Raum E20, Helmholtzstraße 18

S. Tittel: "Statistical Analysis of the DEPTH-SOS Study"