Study Abroad at Ulm University: Biology and Biochemistry

Master Courses

In the Biology and Biochemistry master programmes nearly all of the courses are taught in English.

The courses from the master programs Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Industrial Biotechnology (course no. with PBT or IBT) may overlap with courses from the master programs Biology and Biochemistry. Some of these courses also take place at the Biberach University of Applied Sciences (marked with +).Please clarify in advance.

*Note: Few contents of the coures are taught in German.

°Note: Course can be offered in English on request.


Please note that the current course list is not one hundred percent up to date. You can find more (recent) information on the webpage lectures & courses.

Regularly Offered Courses in Winter Semester (October - February)

Module No. Course No. Module Title ECTS Language
70552 BIO.0022 Molecular Bioscience 5 EN
70553 BIO.0023 Neurobiology 3 EN
70554 BIO.0024 Biodiversity and Ecology: Adaptions in a changing world 3 EN
70562 BIO.0029 Advanced Neurobiology 21 EN
70558 BIO.0030 Molecular Botany 18 EN
70557 BIO.0031 Microbiology 18 EN/GE*
70564 BIO.0033 Basic Statistics for Biologists 3 EN
70560 BIO.0036 Endocrinology 18 EN
74170 BIO.0037 Ecology of Tropical Habitats 12 EN
73945 BIO.0039 Conservation Genomics 12 EN
73940 BIO.0050 Marine Ecology (Special Ecology III) 3 GE
71596 BIO.5942 Human Genetics 15 GE
70699 BIO.5933 Pharmacology for natural scientists 15 GE
72366 BIO.0046 Virology II 15 EN
72393 PBT Research Project II: Drug Development 10 EN°
72388 PBT Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine 7 EN°
72389 PBT Lecture series 3 EN/GE*
72401 PBT Therapeutic Proteins and Antibodies 10 EN°

Regularly Offered Courses in Summer Semester (April - August)

 Module No. Course No. Module Title ECTS Language
70565 BIO.0021 Advanced Systematics 9 EN
70559 BIO.0027 Genetics 18 EN
70561 BIO.0035 Behavioral Physiology 21 EN
72099 BIO.0042 Protein Biochemistry 18 EN
70563 BIO.0050 Excursion 3 EN/GE*
74169 BIO.0026 Evolutionary Ecology: Interactions of Organisms and their Environment (every second semester) 12 GE/EN
74401 BIO.0037.006 Tropical Ecology Costa Rica    
72161   Soil and Water 9 EN
  IBT.001.003 Advanced Course Enzyme Engineering 3 EN°
  IBT.001.004 Advanced Course Metabolic Engineering 5 EN°
  IBT.001.005 Structural analysis of biomolecules 2 EN°
  IBT.001.006 Research Project I 9 EN°
72392 PBT Research Project I: Bioprocessing+ 10 EN°

Courses Offered at Irregular Intervals

 Module No. Course No. Module Title ECTS Language
74007 BIO.0037 Ecology of the Mediterranean 9 EN
73940 BIO.0037 Marine Ecology 9 EN

Seminars and Courses

Each semester, we offer seminars and courses covering a wide range of topics. Evidence of academic achievement  (ECTS) for seminars will be a scientific presentation. The language of presentation can be English or German. For Courses evidence of academic achievement  (ECTS) might be an examination.

Usually, the actual titles and topics for the seminars will be decided only shortly before the start of any given semester. But we regularly offer seminars and courses in the following fields (you can use these generic titles when preparing your learning agreement):

*Note: The language of seminars and courses can vary (GE = German; EN = English) and depend on the lecturer.


Contacts Biology & Biochemistry

Lisanne Wolters
Incomings Students Advisor
Department Biology & Biochemistry

Eva Keppner
ERASMUS Departmental Coordinator
Contact Biology & Biochemistry

Universität Ulm
Albert-Einstein-Allee 11
89081 Ulm / Deutschland

Room: M24 570
Tel.: **49-(0)731-50 23 93 0
Fax: **49-(0)731-50 23 93 2
Office hours only by arrangement


EN = Teaching Language is English
GE = Teaching Language is German

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Lab Courses

Places in lab courses, in which students conduct their own experiments, are limited. Priority is given to students who are enrolled in full-degree studies at Ulm University. You may list lab courses on your Learning Agreements, but you should be prepared that you may not get a place in one of those courses.

Lab Safety

Students usually have to attend a safety briefing prior to the start of a lab course. In case there should be serious doubts that a student will be able to respond to instructions due to poor linguistic competence and/or academic preparation, participation in the lab may be denied in order to avoid hazards.

Please note:
  • In order to attend Master-level courses, students should have successfully completed at least 3 years of study (approx. 180 ECTS) in the field of study of the Erasmus agreement.
  • All students must meet the language and academic requirements of any given course.
  • Exceptions may be granted to students in their final Bachelor year, if the home university confirms that this mobility window is offered explicitly for students to take Master courses.