PhD thesis:

Molecular bases of cellular functions

In a cell, myriads of different molecules are corralled together into a crowded environment. Yet, their mutual interactions lead to well-defined cellular structures and enable the cell to perform its vital functions such as gene expression, replication or repair of DNA. The key participating biomolecular species are known for many cellular tasks. To achieve a deeper understanding and thus modeling of cellular processes, we aim to additionally identify the stoichiometry of molecules, the temporal order and dynamics of their interactions and their spatial distribution.
We use and develop modern biophysical and biochemical methods, with a focus on live cell single molecule fluorescence microscopy, to visualize and follow the operation of individual molecules and study their interactions in the natural environment of a living cell.

If you are motivated and interested in working in a young, dynamic and interdisciplinary research group at the exciting limit between Physics and Biology and with cutting-edge technology, please send an email to: Christof Gebhardt