Meldung aus dem Institut für Psychologie und Pädagogik

New article in the Journal of Cognition

Universität Ulm

Our new article ‘Decision Making and Oddball Effects on Pupil Size: Evidence for a Sequential Process’, published in the Journal of Cognition, the official journal of the ESCOP, is now online. Christoph Strauch, Ina Koniakowsky (her first article!) and Anke Huckauf systematically investigated how effects of stimulus probability (the oddball effect) affect binary decision-making, that is choosing a letter. Results demonstrate that pupil dilates more for target than for distractor letters. Moreover, rare letters elicited a larger pupil dilation than frequent letters, however, this was only the case for target letters. Results from two experiments support our notion that stimuli are first classified regarding their goal-relevance and further evaluation takes place in a temporally lagged second step only if stimuli were deemed goal-relevant.
The paper may be accessed here.