Prof. Dr. Guido Silvestri in the CRC Monday Seminar

It has been a special pleasure for CRC 1279 to welcome the respected HIV/AIDS researcher Prof. Dr. Guido Silvestri from the Emory Institute in Atlanta for the last Monday seminar in July. Incidentally, this Monday is a very special day for the people in Ulm. Due to the local celebrations of “Schwörmontag”, the seminar had to be moved to Tuesday, July 24th, conferring even more specialty on it. Silvestri, who watched the traditional spectacle of “Nabada” with his family from the riverside was clearly impressed by “this vibrant city”. The morning after, he took over the ”Ruder” and provided insights into “New paradigms and strategies for HIV eradication”. Although the audience initially seemed a little tired and groggy, he managed to enchain everybody with his answers to, what he calls, “HIV pathogenesis research 2.0”. Silvestri’s research is driven by questions like “What drives inflammation and causes residual disease under antiretroviral therapy?” or “How can we eliminate viral reservoirs and achieve a cure of HIV/AIDS?”. As the head of the Division of Microbiology and Immunology at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Silvestri shared some brand new data regarding antiretroviral therapy and HIV latency, opening up new strategies to activate the latent viral reservoirs for subsequent elimination. Moreover, he very concretely explained how antiretroviral therapy is performed in monkeys and why they even like it (they get some goodies in the end). His highly interesting and illustrative talk resulted in a definitely more lively audience and even raised philosophical questions.