Cord-Michael Becker Prize 2018 goes to Dominik Hotter!

Congratulations to Dr. Dominik Hotter on the Cord-Michael Becker Prize! Together with the Research Foundation of Medicine (Erlangen University Medical Center) the Faculty of Medicine of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) annually awards this price (5,000 €) to outstanding doctoral graduates in the field of Molecular Medicine.

About the price: Prof. Dr. Cord-Michael Becker founded the study program ‘Molecular Medicine’ in Erlangen. Based on his ideas and concept, the study program has been established at many German and international universities including Ulm University in the meantime.

The award ceremony at October 13th in Erlangen was integrated into the annual graduation ceremony of the study programs Molecular Medicine and Medical Process Management of the FAU. After  welcoming words from Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h. c. J. Schüttler, dean of the medical faculty, the recently graduated students received their certificates. Afterwards, Prof. Dr. Frank Kirchhoff introduced and honored his former PhD student, before Dominik himself presented his work on the complex interplay between HIV and innate antiviral immune responses. Dominik studied Molecular Medicine in Ulm and received his PhD at the Institute of Molecular Virology. After his graduation in October 2016, he continued working there as a postdoc. The whole institute as well as CRC1279 greatly profits from Dominik’s expertise, keen perception and readiness to help others.

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